It all started with a dream….and here we are going into our 11th season this year.  Hard to believe that we started with 26 sites and 5 cabins.  Every year for the last 10 years we have always did something to make our park better.  We have worked hard and pushed ourselves to take it to the next level.  We feel that it is important to do something each year to beautify the park or allow more guests to come and camp here.  This year alone, we redid the shower stalls with ceramic tile behind the Cartoon Cafe.  We added 16 new RV sites behind the Ranger Station, adding more games to the Video Arcade and adding a Redemption Center, along with adding 6 more golf carts to our fleet of golf carts.

We know that many of our guests that have been coming over the years, know how far the park has come and how far it has grown.  Each one of these “growth spurts” have not come without some sacrifice on all parties involved.  We have endured 12-18 hours days of hard work, working in the dark, and along with that, the aches and pains of running a business, as well as working full time jobs elsewhere.   We also realize that some our guests have had to endure some headaches and frustrations too.  They may have had to hear the roar of the bobcat engine or the dozer leveling the dirt.  We do appreciate the pats on the backs, the “5” Star Reviews or the “I understand we live in Michigan” mentality.  The last thing that we set out to do is to anger or frustrate our guests that are here during those times.

Unfortunately, we live in Michigan and it can be 80 degrees in March or it can be 20 degrees.  Having a campground in Michigan, makes you be as resourceful and organized as possible but you are still at the mercy of the weather.  The spring of 2018 has definitely one for the record books.  In the ten years of having the campground, we have never been this behind in our construction plans.  We were not able to complete the tile in the bathrooms behind the cafe, as we were delayed due to freezing weather in April.  We hope to complete the bathroom tile now in the fall or in the spring of 2019.  We were ahead of the plans for our new 16 FHU RV sites the first of May.  Then the six inches of rain came and put that idea to rest.  Followed by rain every other day, or rain on the weekends.  Just when it dried out, more rain came, and when it rained, it rained 2 inches at a time.  We certainly are not complaining, actually feeling blessed, there is so much flooding in the United States, we cannot even comprehend what others are going through.  The rain has delayed the hydroseeding, and recently got 85% completed on Wednesday, June 20th.   The rain is continuing this weekend as well.

Please note it was not our intention to still be working on a expansion project into the end of June.  We wish it was done too.  We appreciate the understanding that many of our guests have shown.  For others, this is just an insight of the issues of having a campground in Michigan and the issues that we have as we try to provide a great place for you to visit.  If this is a concern for you, when calling, please ask us where we are in our expansion process.

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