Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly Rate2020-01-04T12:41:53-05:00

Staying 7 nights?  Then you will qualify for the Weekly Rate.

Be sure to add the code!  WEEKLY

Half Price Thursday!2022-09-11T22:43:56-05:00

Are you staying Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, or a Halloween Weekend?  Then you will qualify for 1/2 price Thursday!

**Must be staying all 3 nights, Friday thru Monday on the Holiday Weekends or 2 nights, Friday thru Sunday on Halloween Weekends.

Be sure to put SPOOKY in for your code!

Can I bring in My OWN Golf Cart?2019-12-31T15:44:46-05:00
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If I rented a Golf Cart, what time can I check it out? Pick it up?2019-12-31T15:42:41-05:00
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Where do I rent Golf Carts?2019-12-31T15:42:50-05:00

At the Registration Station (by the gate).  If you like to plan ahead, you can do it at the time of your reservation, either by phone or online.

Where is Laser Tag?2019-12-31T15:59:35-05:00

Laser Tag is located at teh North East corner of the park.  If you go to the Primitive Area or by B11 you will see a gate, walk around the gate to your left.  It is about a 150 feet down on the left.

***Remember to come 15 minutes early to your game.

What do you do if your Cable isn’t working?2019-12-31T15:38:32-05:00

There are a few things that you need to do first before the cable will work.

  1. Bring a coaxial cable and hook-up your rig to the cable box (located in your site electrical box).
  2. Turn OFF your Antenna Power Booster in your RV unit.
  3. Make sure that your TV Input is set to Cable.  Some have to do a search for channels.
I am in a Cabin or Cottage and my refrigerator is NOT cold after I put my food in it.2019-12-31T15:46:48-05:00

Our refrigerators are mini (dorm-like) or apartment style refrigerators.  These are not like your home refrigerators.  If you are putting warm bottled water/pop into refrigerator or filling it full, where no air can circulate through the refrigerator or have the doors open for long period of time filling the refrigerator, you will notice the refrigerator not bouncing back like your home refrigerator does.   It will take a long time(6-8 hours) to get back to temperature.  Please be sure to bring a cooler and ice for when this does happen or be sure to bring chilled water and pop to avoid this.

Do you have WiFi?2019-12-31T15:38:48-05:00

Yes we do.  Your password is linked to your site and name.

If you are a Cabin/Cottage you will be using the number on your Cabin/Cottage and it will include the “C” and then the two digit number, i.e. 05 or 35.  Follow that with the  first 3 letters of your last name (name on reservation).

Cabin/Cottage Example:

  • Last Name on Reservation:  Smith
  • Cabin/Cottage Number:  CC4
  • Password is:  C04SMI

If you are in a Tent/RV Site, you will be using the 2 digit number of your site, i.e. 05 or 35, the followed by the first 4 letters of your last name (name on reservation) and .

Site Example:

  • Last Name on Reservation:  Smith
  • Site Number:  21
  • Password is:  21SMIT
Do you have a ATM?2019-12-31T14:35:39-05:00

Yes, we do!  Only a $3 transaction fee.

How old do you have to be to reserve a Site, Cabin, or Cottage?2019-12-31T15:38:58-05:00

You must be 21 years of age or older AND be staying on the site during the time frame reserved.

Do you allow ALCOHOL?2019-12-31T14:26:13-05:00

Yes, alcohol is allowed for our guests 21 years of age and older, at your site only.  We are a family park; no drunkenness is tolerated.  You get Drunk, You get Stupid, You will get Kicked Out.  No alcohol allowed walking around or at pool.


Do you allow Pets to be brought in?2019-12-31T15:39:06-05:00

Yes.  We allow all FRIENDLY pets to enter our campground.  All our cabins and cottages are pet friendly as well.  There is a $10/pet per night fee for pets staying in our cabins and cottages.  All pets must be on a leash (6ft or less) and all pet stool must be picked up as well.  There are many pet bag stations throughout the park.  We have a fenced in area for your pet as well.


Can I bring my own firewood in?2019-12-31T15:39:14-05:00

No.   Due to the Emerald Ash Borer and other invasive species, we no longer allow firewood to be brought into the facility.  You may bring in pallet wood (cut down to 2 feet lengths) and processed wood (i.e. 2 x 4’s) to burn.


Is there a fee for guests coming to visit me?2019-12-31T15:41:35-05:00

Yes.  All visitors must register at gate and pay entrance fee.  All visitors will then be considered a guest and be able to use facilities and partake in all activities offered.

  • Visiting hours 9am til 10 pm.
  • $5/person for Spring and Fall (Non-Halloween Weekends)
  • $7/person  for In-Season/Peak time periods.
  • $10/person on a Special/Holiday Rate.



How many vehicles are allowed at my site?2019-12-31T15:41:22-05:00

Only 1 is guaranteed.  A 2nd vehicle can be parked at site only if there is room.  No parking on grass is allowed.  All others must be parked in over flow.  2 cars are allowed in reservation all others will be charged $5/car per night.


How many can be on a Site?2019-12-31T15:41:11-05:00

State Law, states no more than 8 people per site.  Although all prices are based on 2 adults and 4 children. 

What discounts do you offer?2020-01-04T12:40:31-05:00

Military (Active or Retired) 10% off Sites and 5% of Cabins or Cottages

Discounts will be given at check-in.  Must show ID to get discount.  Discount valid for your site only.


The answer to your question is not here? Please Contact Us

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