Thank you for your interest in Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park™ Camp-Resort, South Haven, Michigan. The main focus of a Jellystone Park™ is the entertainment value that it provides. We strive to provide activities from sun-up to sundown.  We love to hear moms tell us that their kids were so tired that they were in bed by 8:30 pm!

Most of our Activities are included with your stay.  With that being said, there is some confusion between activities and amenities.  Examples of activities that we offer:

  • Bear appearance, 2-3 times (or more) per day,
  • Crafts (Sand Art, Button Making, Suncatchers, Pet Rocks, Magnets, etc.)
  • Outdoor organized recreational games (Gaga Ball, 4 square, carpetball, parachute, etc.)  and some are messy too!
  • Hey, Hey, Hey Rides & Fire Truck Rides Daily during In-Season and Peak time periods.
  • Night Activities (flashlight games, candy hunts, night walks, movies and cartoons, etc.)
  • BINGO – we play many different kinds of BINGO, but our favorite is Candy Bar BINGO.  Therefore, it does take a regular size candy bar to play.  Other BINGO, may cost money, depending on the type that it is.
  • Special Appearances – face painters, a reptile show, mermaid in the pool, magic shows, rock climbing wall, dunk tank or dance instructors are some of the special shows that we offer depending on the week’s theme.
  • Music – Jump & Jam, Karaoke, DJ and/or dancing.  These are usually offered 1-2 times a week, and depends on schedule available.
  • Campfire Cooking – 90% of these are free.  We have, usually 2 of these each week, that we provide everything that you need.  Once in a while, we ask our guests to supply the banana for the banana boat or the orange for the cake in the fire.  We always make sure that they are available to purchase in the store or cafe, for convenience!

Activities that have a higher cost point, are passed onto our guests.  We try to do only 1 or 2 of these each day.  We also try to just cover our costs on these activities:

  • T-Shirt Art- This can include Tie Dye, Colortime® (fabric markers), and Spin-T’s.  There is a $2 fee to schedule your tie-dye class.  T-Shirts run from $6.99 to $12.99.
  • Ceramics- The ceramic bisque runs from magnets for $3.99 to large size ceramic bisque for $17.99.  This covers the paint/brushes used as well.
  • Mystic Lights – This is a colorful plastic puzzle that becomes a light when put together.  There perfect to hang outside from your RV or cottage, or hang it from the ceiling in your room.  Most come with a light bulb.  Mystic Lights run from $5 to $60 each. These are geared for our teens and adult age level due to the complexity of the puzzle.
  • Most of our activities for our teens come with an added cost.  Unfortunately, our teens usually do not like cheap activities or crafts that are more economical to prepare. Therefore, the crafts that appeal to that age bracket, often have an added cost to them.

AMENITIES are something different from our activity program, as we offer many AMENITIES at the resort. Some guests get confused between Activities and Amenities.  We are not an all-inclusive Resort. We feel that we offer extra amenities for those that seek it and want them.  We do not feel that it is fair to charge everyone for the amenities and only 1/2 of them use them.

The AMENITIES that are FREE, are:

Outdoor Recreation – We offer Gaga Ball, Corn Hole, Horseshoes, Sand Volleyball, Full Court Basketball, Pickleball, Badminton, Tennis, Carpetball, and Disc Golf.  Don’t have equipment?  It’s okay, just sign it out, it’s FREE!

Jumping Pillow – We have 2!  One is just for the little ones, must be under 48″ to jump on our “Little Jumping Pillow”.  Our larger pillow is great exercise and good for all ages!

Kids Corral – Our Kids Corral even has a sand hill!  Kids can sit in sand and play all day long!

Pool – We have a beach entry pool, that is perfect for the young and old alike.  There are plenty of chairs and lounges for everyone, we even have some for the little people!

The AMENITIES that have an added cost are:

Arcade Alley – Arcade Alley is our video arcade. Like all arcades, it has an added fee.  We do try to make it easy though… we offer a Cashless Card to swipe at each game.  This cashless card does have some saving packages on the kiosk, the more you spend, the more value that is placed on the card!

Bike Rental – We offer many (50-70) fun bikes to rent.  These bikes are different than the bikes that you ride at home. To keep costs down, we offer a wristband for this, it is only $12.95 for the Basic Wristband.  These bikes can be rented 30 minutes at a time, all day long.  Although, these bikes are not yours alone or they cannot be kept at your site. You can try all the different bikes, to see which one is your favorite.  We offer different packages with food and souvenir cups, just ask!  Don’t worry, you can bring your own favorite bike, too!

Laser Tag – This is a high-tech game of hide and seek.  Fun for all ages 7 and up is recommended.  We offer many different packages, need just a single game?  Single games are $7, but if you want to play more, we offer packages of 5 games for $30, 10 games for $55, and 20 games for only $100.  A waiver is needed to be electrically signed for each individual that plays.

Paintball – Hoping to make its debut in 2020!  This is for the big kids for sure.  We rent equipment and we sell paintballs.  If you’re interested in this, be sure to check out the website for pricing!  A waiver is needed to be electrically signed for each individual that plays.

RC Track – Do you have your own car?  Bring it!  Otherwise, you can rent one of ours!  $15 for the first battery and $5 for the second battery, when purchased at the same time.

Triple K Raceway – This is a great track just for our hobby car enthusiasts!  You just need to bring your Tamiya battery operated car or purchase one of ours for a great time on track!

Water Wars® – This is a great way to cool off, but you do need balloons.  We offer these in the Ranger Station for only 50 for $3 and 100 for $5 (includes tax)!​​​​​​​

Mining Sleuth – Who doesn’t like mining for rocks, gems and fossils?  This is a great way to learn about each of these, while having fun too!  You can purchase a bag for as little as $4.99, or get a bucket or mother lode for the family, for only $21.99!

Concrete Ping Pong Table – This is a great table for all to enjoy, located just outside of Arcade Alley.  Just bring a ping pong ball or purchase one in Arcade Alley for only 50¢.

Bear Appearances – We have many to choose from…. Whether it is a Cookie Bear Delivery after a Hey Hey Hey Ride or it is a Bear Tuck-In, we are sure to make it a hit with your little one!  Check out our website for details:  Bear Appearances

Photo Op with a Bear – For only $5, you can take a memento home!  Take your pic from a small framed photo, key chain or magnet.  Perfect to give to grandma for Christmas too!

Gift Delivery with a Bear – Sometimes we offer a gift delivery during Easter or Christmas in July.  Those have an added cost to them and can be pre-ordered.

Birthday Parties – Birthday Parties is just another way we do Bear Appearances!  We do birthday parties for a 1 year old, as well as the 89-year-old!  Yogi Bear™ will be a hit, regardless of how old they are.  Check out our website for details:  Birthday Parties

Cartoon Cafe – We have a full-service restaurant on site!  We offer your espresso in the morning, to Broaster® Chicken for lunch or dinner.  We have the common foods of: hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh cut fries to name a few.  Need dessert?  We got you covered!  Shakes, Malts, Banana Splits, soft serve and hard ice cream.  Need a smoothie or a Pizza?  We got that too!

Please note, that we try to be as transparent as possible.  Sometimes changes may happen due to the rising costs of supplies, postage/freight and employment.  Always know, we strive to give you a clean, family centered camping in a entertaining environment.